Cuban cigars in Berlin

Without a doubt, Cuba occupies the first place among all the players in the tobacco industry. This applies to Cuban tobacco itself and for Cuban cigars. A native of this Caribbean island Cohiba cigars is traded as the epitome of culture and is in all respects a true luxury item. Once one has enjoyed a real Havana, you will be reluctant to devote another longfiller.

A variety of tobacco in all imaginable production zones will be drawn from a Habano-seed to come as close as possible to the Cuban smoking experience worldwide. In particular, in the Cuban Vuelta Abajo growing region the conditions are ideal and can not be imitated elsewhere.

Store of Cuban cigars in Pariser Street / Berlin Wilmersdorf

Tobacco from Cuba offers a wide range of aromas and flavors. It is classified as strong and is therefore more suitable for true connoisseurs as for beginners. Characteristic is the inherent spiciness that comes to the fore in each train. In addition, Cuban cigars are mostly tightly rolled, which also affects the strength and furthermore creates a fixed or at least average draft resistance. Complexity and profundity characteristic of the smoking experience by Cuban Art.

Cigar Store in Berlin
Cigar Store in Berlin

Romeo y Julieta as a best-selling premium brand

Cuban cigars in our store in Berlin are available in a variety of brands and sizes, all of them with a superficial seasoning is common but not true for all brands. Surely that applies to Romeo y Julieta cigars as well as the exclusive Cohiba and Montecristo. However, each brand stands for its own flavors and also within the brands there are, depending on the line, large differences concerning the flavors…

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Zigarren
Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Zigarren

Not every Cuban cigar has to be expensive or offers an intense flavor, there are also quite affordable copies and very mild Havana cigars (eg Guantanamera, Hoyo de Monterrey, Vegas Robaina). The quality of craftsmanship is mostly flawless and almost all cigars are rolled by hand (exception: Guantanamera).

Among the most famous brands include addition of legendary Cohiba including Trinidad, Simón Bolívar, Romeo y Julieta, Diplomaticos, Montecristo, Partagas and many more. In our walk-in humidor in Berlin everything is there that desires the Havana cigar lovers. This also applies to limited Cuban cigars („Ediciones Limitadas“).

Where to find our cigar store in Berlin

In our beautiful store in Berlin-Wilmersdorf we offer newcomers to the world of cigars as well as the regular connoisseurs a wide range of tobacco products from around the world. For the connoisseur our selection of cigars is some of the highlights available. In the category of „limited cigars“ there are rarities. Our store also has a selected range of spirits classics such as rum, gin and whisky.

Gourmets will be spoiled in our shop with the finest organic import goods which are to enjoy our cigars and our spirits refine and supplement collection. Also you will find a wide range of spirits and cigars in our online offer.

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